Community History & Accomplishments

Our Community History is Alive with Stories of Family and Places

Read the Heart of Waller Road booklet here (PDF).

Some SWCA Highlight Accomplishments

  • SWCA Established March 1993.
  • Assisted Pierce County in acquiring the 160-acre Orangegate property from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) through an application to Pierce County Conservation Futures for approx. $900,000.
  • Assisted Pierce County in creating the Summit-Waller Community Plan (1989).
  • Assisted Pierce County in creating the Summit-Waller Land Use Advisory Commission, which later was merged into the current Mid-County Advisory Commission (MCAC).
  • Assisted Pierce County in creating the Mid-County Community Plan for the Summit-Waller, Summit View and North Clover Creek-Collins communities (2005).
  • Assisted Pierce County in the creation of the Rural Separator (RSep) zoning for the Mid-County communities.
  • Had a major impact on the creation of the popular “Pierce County Responds” program where citizens can initiate an on line complaint/request to deal with litter, junk/ abandoned cars on public right-away or on private property.
  • Instrumental in the creation of a new, trail system called “The Pipeline Trail” using Tacoma Water’s Pipeline Road as a trail with a future trailhead station at Orangegate Park in the Summit-Waller community. The trail would eventually link Tacoma and our community with the Foothills Rails-to-Trails system in the Orting Valley, and with other regional trail systems. The trail should be complete to Orangegate Park within two years.
  • Assisted Pierce County in the design and implementation of the unincorporated Pierce County community signs visible as one enters a community plan area of the county – “Welcome to Summit-Waller”.
  • Assisted the Puyallup School District and Pierce County to create an ordinance that allowed 20 MPH signs on the streets that border Waller Road Elementary School; Requested & received addition streetlights by the school.
  • Assisted the Franklin Pierce School Dist. in resurrecting a farm program at the “Farm at Franklin Pierce” (96th St E & Waller Road E) to provide fruits & vegetables to the school lunch program, and provide agricultural experiences for students at all grade levels, and promoting in 2015 a new STEM Natural Science Research Ctr. Bldg. at the Farm.
  • Assisted the Franklin Pierce School District in its “Vision 2030” Plan.
  • Endorsed and assisted the Franklin Pierce School District in its successful 2011 Capital Levy effort.
  • SWCA – An Adopt-A-Road Litter Patrol Participant – Waller Road E from SR 512 to Pioneer Way E. (twice yearly).
    Initiated & paid for a professional viability study (2010) of the Rural Separator Zone including the Summit-Waller Community – the “Tom Ballard Report”.
  • 2011 – Franklin Pierce School District – a SWCA board member received a “Partnership in Education” Award.
  • 2011 – P. County Parks & Rec. Dept. – a SWCA board member received an “Outstanding Adult Volunteer” Award.
  • 2012 – Franklin Pierce School District – another SWCA board member received a “Partnership in Education” Award.
  • Conducted 2012, 2014 & 2016 State 25th Leg. District Candidates Forums for interested citizens.
  • Endorsed & promoted the successful Franklin Pierce & Puyallup school districts’ levy Issues in 2014 & 2018.
  • Endorsing & promoting the School Bond efforts in both the Puyallup (2015) & Franklin Pierce (2016) districts.
  • 2015 – P. County Parks & Rec. Dept. – SWCA: Volunteer Group Award – Efforts with Orangegate Park.
  • 2017 – Initiated new county legislation to streamline dealing with nuisance properties in the county.
  • 2018 – Initiated revised “Illegal Fireworks” laws – now a Class 1 Civil Infraction: fine $1,230.00.
  • 2019 – Initiated a new ordinance restricting parking at night around Orangegate Park (10:00pm-5:00am).
  • 2020 – Co-Sponsored League of Women Voters Primary & General Virtual Candidates Forums.

Current SWCA Involvement

  • Continuing as the volunteer caretaker group for the 160-acre Orangegate property for Pierce County Parks & Recreation Department (in the area of 84th St E & 46 Ave E, next to Tacoma Power’s 40-acre, Cowlitz Substation).
  • Continuing to sponsor local level & state level Candidate Forums. Note – Last in October 2018.
  • Working with the Franklin Pierce School District on continued expansion of the “Farm at Franklin Pierce” program at Waller Road E & 96th St E. to benefit district agricultural programs and the school lunch program in the district.
  • Working with Pierce County officials to promote additional street lighting and traffic signals in our community – examples: Waller Road & Pioneer Way E (done); 84th St E & Waller Road (done); plus several new street lights.
  • Continuing our Waller Road E “Adopt-A-Road” effort (SR 512 to Pioneer Way E).
  • Continuing to monitor zoning and crime issues within our community (Mid-County & Neighborhood Watch).
  • Continuing to support the Mid-County Community Center and its activities for seniors.
  • Continuing our efforts with county officials and agencies to deal with nuisance properties in our area.
  • Continuing to communicate with local and state elected officials over issues consistent with our mission statement.

Updated 11/2020

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