SWCA Interests.

The Summit Waller Community Association (SWCA) Board and its continuing initiatives and efforts for our community, is looking to the future as well as the past to improve our unique community’s quality of life.

Our new outline for the future of our community includes the below list of interests that you and/or your neighbors can take part in as a SWCA Board Member or as a SWCA supporter.

The SWCA Board of Director’s list of advocacy areas where help is needed:

  • SWCA Web Site operations [www.summitwaller.org] (1 to 2*)
  • New SWCA Board members (2-3*) [3-yr commitment]
  • Orangegate and Swan Creek park programs oversight (2*)
  • Puyallup and Franklin Pierce School Districts liaison (2*)
  • Franklin Pierce S. D. “Farm” (96th St E & Waller Road) liaison (1*)
  • Community business communications liaison ( 1 to 2*)
  • Community Crime and Nuisance property liaison (1 to 2*)
  • Waller Road Adopt-A-Road, & Pierce County Public Works liaison (1 to 2*)
  • Summit-Waller Community history; current activities and news; and future visions coordinator (1*)
  • Parliamentarian for the SWCA Board of Directors (1*)
  • Pierce County Council & Other Public meetings liaison (1*)
  • Summit-Waller Community zoning issues and code enforcement monitor (1*)
  • Breaking news impacts outreach coordinator(1*)

    (*) – The number of SWCA board members or SWCA non-board members needed to manage that advocacy area.

Apply for a SWCA Board position (3-yr commitment), or contact us to express a desire to manage one or more of the areas of community interest listed in the above advocacy groups. Contact SWCA Chair, Larry Volland (253) 531-7795 or e-mail at: larbara@aol.com ,or SWCA Vice-Chair, Carolyn Merrival (253) 820-1123 or e-mail at: lakotalegends@comcast.net.