Our Mission Statement & Objectives.

Our Mission Statement

Promote the rural quality of life, neighborhoods and enjoyment of property for residents living in the Summit-Waller Community.

Our Mission Objectives

Promote the rural character and Rural Separator zoning in the Summit-Waller Community so that it remains a low density, rural separator between the cities of Tacoma, Puyallup and Fife.

Work with surrounding cities, Pierce County, the State of Washington and other jurisdictions to recognize the value of the Summit-Waller Community as a rural separator, and to encourage rural usages within the community.

Our focus is not on issues related to building permit compliance of residential structures or other improvements on individual parcels of property unless there is a need for such focus.

Promote the conservation, protection and enhancement of the many natural resources of the Summit-Waller Community, including, but not limited to its streams, wetlands, wildlife and the community’s rural benefits.

Work to assist homeowners and residences to deter and prevent crime in the Summit-Waller Community, and to promote general safety.

Provide information and support to citizens for ensuring that county ordinances on land use, transportation, utilities, and parks and recreation are followed and enforced.

Promote courteous and professional communication between the Summit-Waller Community and Pierce County, the State of Washington and Federal elected officials and government staff.

Sponsor at least once per year a SWCA General Membership Meeting to summarize yearly progress and inform attendees of current issues in the community.

Maintain a simple application process for both SWCA membership and SWCA Board of Directors appointment.

Prepare and distribute an occasional, community association newsletter.

Host candidate and/or ballot issue forums during election periods in the community.

Support citizen projects that improve neighborhoods and the community, such as: “Adopt-A-Road”, ” Adopt-A-Park”, “Adopt-A-Stream”, play field improvements, historical preservation, etc. and other necessary and essential community programs.