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Posted April 8, 2019

Community Plans Open House

Four community plans within unincorporated Pierce County have been under the revision process for the last eighteen months: South Hill, Frederickson, Parkland-Spanaway-Midland, and our very own Mid-County.  They are now ready for general public review with aims to put the new plans into effect in 2020. The Summit-Waller Community lies within the Mid-County Community Plan area, so we will be affected by some of those revisions. If you are interested in looking at and/or commenting on the new community plans, open house opportunities are now upon us: When: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, April 13.   Where: Pierce County Skills Center, 16117 Canyon Rd. E.   For More Information:   Have Questions?:  Contact: 253-798-2799 or  

Pierce County has also issued a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Community Plan Updates. You can access the DEIS online at: 

The 45-day comment period runs from April 5, 2019 to May 20, 2019. If you have questions on the DEIS, please contact Jeff Mann, Senior Planner, at 253-798-2150 or at




Posted February 20, 2019

Summit-Waller Community Association

Annual Meeting Community Feedback Session FINAL Summary  

June 7, 2018


Board members of the Summit-Waller Community Association (SWCA) wanted to encourage open communication with the community to better understand what issues and concerns were of priority for its citizens and how those issues might be resolved. Also, the Board wanted to solicit feedback on what the community thought it was doing well and should continue to do.

The Board develops its priorities and goals every calendar year to help focus its efforts. In addition to asking each other what the Board should work on, two members instead asked how the Board knew if it was working on the issues that were important to the community.  In order to solicit input from the community, the Board decided to hold a community feedback session during the annual membership meeting. The annual meeting was held on May 1st, 2018.

Community Feedback Process

Notification of meeting

The SWCA Board advertised the community feedback session in conjunction with the annual meeting through:

  • Direct email to approximately 100 people
  • Annual newsletters mailed to approximately 200 residences
  • Annual newsletters hand delivered to approximately 80 businesses and civic entities
  • Notification on the SWCA, North Clover Collins Creek, and Midland Matters Facebook groups (reaching 2,299 users)
  • Notification on the SWCA webpage in the “News of the Week” feature

Feedback Session

SWCA hosted its annual meeting at the Mid-County Community Center on May 1st, 2018 6:45-9:00PM. Approximately 40 people attended the meeting. At the meeting, Board members asked attendees to sign in, pay membership dues, and pick up meeting materials.  Attendees were also approached by SWCA Board members telling them about the community feedback portion of the meeting. Attendees were then handed several Post-it notes and pens and asked to write down their top three issues/concerns with their community, top three ways to address those concerns, and three things the Board was doing well and should continue. The Post-it notes were then placed on the wall under the three headings:

  • What issues/concerns should we work on?
  • How might we address those issues?
  • What are we doing well?

In the annual newsletter, Facebook post and emails, people were also encouraged to provide feedback via email or phone to the Board directly. No feedback was received prior to the meeting. Attendees were also encouraged to contact Board members via email, phone or through attendance at the monthly meetings if they wished to provide further feedback after the meeting.

SWCA Board members and representatives from Pierce County Council District #5 were present during the community feedback portion of the meeting, all of which participated in the discussion.

Summary of Feedback

The Board received both verbal and written comments from individual community and Board members. One SWCA Board member facilitated the discussion while another took notes for those topics not already included in the Post-it notes.

All comments received will be reviewed in detail to identify and inform any potential changes to the Boards’ goals for 2018 and beyond. Discussion will take place at a future Board meeting yet to be determined.

Photos of all comments received are included at the end of this summary.

Key themes

The key themes that emerged from the community are summarized in this section. Key themes included:

  • Rural separator zoning/development
  • Traffic improvements
  • Reduction of crime/nuisance properties
  • Communication with elected officials and County departmental staff
  • Communication between the Board and community

Summary of comments received

Rural Separator Zoning/Development

Overall, the most frequently made comments focused on preserving and defending the rural separator zoning. People expressed concerns with surrounding communities’ increased development and rezoning and how it might affect the rural separator and the character of their neighborhoods. People also expressed interest in keeping abreast of zoning changes and development in surrounding communities (asking SWCA to help keep them informed).

Traffic Improvements

Meeting attendees made suggestions for traffic calming devices and projects in targeted areas where speed and accidents are a problem. While there are many locations in the area that would benefit from improvements such as traffic signals or lighting, the Waller Road curve, Vickery Ave, and several east-west streets such as 112th St E, 104th St E, 72nd St E and 84th St E were specifically suggested.

Because many people travel through the Summit-Waller area rather than within it, there is reduced mobility in and out of the community for its residents.  Neighboring communities traffic problems can often spill over into the Summit-Waller area causing increased volumes and accidents (Vickery Ave, Waller Road, Canyon Road, 112th St E, other key arterials as mentioned above). Addressing access and mobility within the community is important.

Lastly, there was interest in seeing completion of the Pipeline trail.

Reduction of crime/nuisance property

Plain and simple, people want to feel safe in their homes and in their community. They want to see less crime (mail theft, burglary, car prowls, etc.) sometimes associated with chronic nuisance properties, unsecured properties, and homeless encampments. They want faster response times and more investigating from the Pierce County Sherriff’s Department. Often 911 calls are not responded to. They want to be kept informed of neighboring communities criminal activities and would like to see better coordination between SWCA and other crime watch groups.

One suggestion to help address chronic nuisance properties and code compliance issues was leading or assisting with a neighborhood cleanup effort in addition to the twice-yearly Waller Road Adopt-a-Road litter pick-up.

Some discussion occurred around addressing and removing homeless encampments in the community which might help with some of the above-mentioned issues. One person suggested simplifying the permitting process for removing and clearing homeless encampments on private property.

Communication with elected officials and County departmental staff

A few commenters expressed the desire for more and/or better communication with elected officials (Pierce County Councilmembers) as well as with Pierce County departmental staff. One suggestion was to request that Pierce County staff come to the monthly Board meetings to provide updates on specific projects/plans that may affect the area (SWCA would request). Then that information would be disseminated to the community in various ways. SWCA Board members were asked to consider helping residents with both how and who to better communicate with elected officials and departmental staff with specific issues in their neighborhood.

Communication between the Board and community

Another common topic that emerged was keeping and improving communication between the SWCA Board and the community. Residents want to be kept abreast of ongoing activities, events, and problems in their neighborhoods and many of them rely on the SWCA to get that information. Suggested ways to do this included providing a calendar of events on the webpage and Facebook page; providing one consolidated list of websites or contact information for neighboring communities and resources; considering changing the Facebook group to an open status and posting more updates on the group site.

Next Steps

The Board is always open to new ideas and solutions for keeping the community safe and healthy. Feedback can be directed to the Board via the Facebook group, email or phone or by attending the Board’s monthly meetings.

The information received from the community during the annual meeting will help the Board to refine and revise its goals for 2018 and beyond. All feedback will be considered and discussed at future monthly board meetings. This summary will be placed on the Summit-Waller Community Association’s Facebook group and webpage and sent to interested parties including Councilmember Rick Talbert.

SWCA Facebook group is at

SWCA webpage is




Summit-Waller Community Association

2019 Board Meeting Schedule

 January 2 (Wed.)          7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

February 5 (Tues.)        7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

March 5 (Tues.)            7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

April 2 (Tues.)               7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

May 7 (Tues.)                6:30 – 8:30 pm, Mid-County Community Center

                                      Annual Membership & Community Meeting

June 4 (Tues.)               7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

July 2 (Tues.)                7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

August 6 (Tues.)            7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

September 3 (Tues.)      7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

October 1 (Tues.)                    7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

November 5 (Tues.)      7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

December 3 (Tues.)      7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mid-County Community Center

Note – SWCA supporting members are welcome to attend board meetings to see what we discuss and/or to bring concerns and ideas to the board’s attention.

Note – All SWCA meetings are open to the general public.

Note – The Mid-County Community Center is located at 10205 44th Ave E, Tacoma, WA (Behind Central Avenue Elementary School).




                                               Christmas Greeting

 The Summit-Waller Community Association’s Board of Directors would like to wish everyone a very blessed and joyful Holiday Season, and a very happy and healthy New Year, 2019.


Posted 12/24/2018

Lose That Old, Uncertified Wood Stove (Fall, 2018)

During the fall and winter months, the Tacoma-Pierce County Smoke Reduction Zone sees a spike in pollution that comes from wood smoke. The Summit-Waller Community is included in that Smoke Reduction Zone. Wood smoke from home heating accounts for more than 50% of our unhealthy fine particulate air pollution on an average winter day.

As of October 1, 2015, it is illegal to own or operate an uncertified wood stove in the Tacoma-Pierce County Smoke Reduction Zone. The owner of an uncertified wood stove is now required to remove, or render inoperable, any uncertified wood stove, or face a fine of up to $1,000.

The Summit-Waller Community Association encourages home owners with uncertified wood stoves to replace those stoves and be on the right side of the law.

If you have an old or uncertified wood-burning device, you may qualify for the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s Wood Stove Program. For a limited time, residents of Pierce County can receive $350 for recycling their old, polluting wood stove.  Eligible devices include wood stoves and fireplace inserts (which are basically wood stoves made to be installed inside a fireplace) that are not US EPA certified or were manufactured before 1995. Also eligible are free-standing manufactured fireplaces (but not built-in, zero-clearance fireplaces), wood-burning furnaces, or residential coal-burning devices. Old devices must be in working order but can be installed or uninstalled for the recycling reward.  Indoor barrel stoves and trash burners are not eligible for the reward.

To learn more about the Wood Stove Program please contact the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency at  or at  Let’s all work towards a cleaner, healthier Summit-Waller Community.



Posted 11/1/18

The Summit-Waller Community Association encourages all registered voters be sure to VOTE in these mid-term general elections.  Your mail-in, postage-paid ballot must be post marked by Tuesday, November 6.  A healthy democracy requires responsible voter/citizen participation – a patriotic duty, especially in these turbulent times.




2018 Candidates Forum

Thursday, October 18th

Mid-County Community Center

10205 44th Ave East (behind Central Avenue Elementary School)

Everyone is welcome to attend!

Candidates from Pierce County Council District #5 and Washington’s 25th Legislative

District will give a short introduction followed by a Q & A session facilitated by the

League of Women Voters

Doors Open at 6:00 PM

Forum Begins at 6:30 PM


Posted 8/13/2018

Waller Road Adopt-
A-Road Litter Clean-Up

Saturday, August 18, 2018

9:00 am –Noon

Please help us improve the appearance of our community gateway. Area volunteers collect litter along Waller Road E from SR-512 to Pioneer Way East. All Summit-Waller area residents, especially those living along Waller Road, are invited to join in on this twice-yearly community effort. Join us between 9:00 am and Noon this coming Saturday. Check in with John Goodspeed at 9925 Waller Road East where you will be assigned a short section of Waller Road to clean up. Litter bags will be provided. Please come with sturdy work shoes, water and work gloves. For more information please call John at 253-209-1785.   Many hands make work lite!

Help Keep Our Community Clean!

Follow us on Facebook:


Posted:  8/2/2018

The Farm at Franklin Pierce – An Update

 The 10-acre farm run by the Franklin Pierce School District located at Waller Road East and 96th St E in the Summit-Waller Community has evolved into quite the “Big Deal”.  The former site of a 4H school-sponsored program has been transformed into a very educational and successful working farm. The Summit-Waller Community Association has played a vital role in promoting this transformation. Last year, the Farm leveraged the help of 800 volunteers to grow 32,000 pounds of food (valued at $100,000) that eventually went into the school lunches, community food pantries, and the homes of local families. This year, the Farm is on track to increase these numbers by 25%.

 In collaboration with Harvest Pierce County ( [the urban agricultural wing of the Pierce Conservation District], students from across the district helped to prepare for the growing season during the winter and spring. Food harvested from the Farm at Franklin Pierce is put back into school meal programs, donated to local food banks, and shared with families that volunteer. This summer, students and staff are piloting two unique programs:  1) Tuesday Farmers Market – Each Tuesday throughout the summer, farm staff and students attend the summer meal site at Keithley Middle School. In addition to working with nutrition services to make sure that fresh food is included in lunches, students and family members can choose produce that they would like to take home. During the week of July 16, over 800 pounds of produce was distributed at the Tuesday Farmers Market. The market will occur each Tuesday from 11:30am – 12:30pm until August 14, 2018.  2) Farm Shares – A group of Franklin Pierce staff and community members are working with the Farm at Franklin Pierce to test a Community Sustained Agricultural (CSA) program. Each week, program participants receive a bag of produce at no charge. In return, they are asked to complete a survey that will provide input for future improvements and test the viability of a fee-based program. 

Finally, the Franklin Pierce School district has cast a bold vision to develop a STEM Natural Science Learning Center facility at the Farm that will include collaborative workspace, classrooms, science labs, and community gathering space. The school district is currently seeking input from local organizations, public officials, and community members to develop a facility that serves the needs of stakeholders, while remaining mindful of the history of this part of unincorporated Pierce County.



Posted: July 23, 2018

The Annual Canoe Journey

 The Puyallup Tribe of Indians is sponsoring the 2018 “Canoe Journey” entitled, “The Power Paddle to Puyallup.”  This year’s theme is called, “Honoring our Medicine.” This annual cultural event will start on Saturday, July 28 and conclude on Saturday, August 4, with over 100 tribes and over 75 canoes involved in the week-long camp-out and celebration.  The event will bring tribes from Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, British Columbia, New York, and New Zealand to the Summit-Waller-Riverside Community.  On Saturday, July 28 paddlers are expected to come ashore about 11:00 am on Puyallup Tribe ancestral land near the mouth of the Hylebos Waterway.  The rest of the week-long tribal events and ceremonies will take place at the Chief Leschi School located at 5625 52nd St E in the Riverside Community west of Puyallup.  The Tribe will temporarily use its 72nd St E (formerly Faith Dairy) property in Summit-Waller for tribal RV parking and tent camping.  The week-long events are open and free to the public, which is family friendly. All are welcome.  For more specific information please go to:   The Summit-Waller Community Association wishes the Puyallup Tribe and their guest tribes a meaningful and successful cultural event.



Posted: June 25, 2018

New Fireworks Code for Unincorporated Pierce County:  Important Notice

On June 15, 2018, a new fireworks code for Unincorporated Pierce County went into effect.

Now the discharge of illegal fireworks at any time of the year is a Class 1 civil infraction under Chapter 1.16 of the Pierce County Code (PCC), and carries a base fine of $600.00 plus statutory assessments in the amount of $630.00 for a total of $1,230.00. This is in addition to any criminal penalties.  This means that a sheriff deputy may write a citation at the point of illegal activity subjecting the discharger(s) to the monetary fines ($1,230.00).

The discharge of legal fireworks shall be permitted between 12:00 noon and 11:00 p.m. on June 28, and between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. on June 29 through July 3, between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight on July 4, and between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. on July 5 of any year; provided, that this prohibition shall not apply to duly authorized public displays. Violations of these days and hours of discharge is subject to the same citation penalties as illegal fireworks.

Discharge of fireworks on December 31 and January 1 is specifically prohibited in unincorporated Pierce County.

The Summit-Waller Community Association urges all citizens to obey the law and be responsible citizens and good role models for others.  Any violations of the new fireworks code should be called in to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.  If a real emergency situation: 911; Pierce County Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Number: 253-798-4721. 

The community association urges you to forward this notice to as many individuals as possible, so that citizens in the unincorporated communities of Pierce County will be educated about this new fireworks code.


Posted May 8, 2018

Waller Road Adopt-A-Road Bi-Annual Cleanup 

Please join volunteers from the community by picking up litter along Waller Road from SR-512 to Pioneer Way East.  The SWCA Spring cleanup will be Saturday, May 19th, and our Fall cleanup will be Saturday, August 18th. Both will be from 9am to Noon. Please put these dates on your calendar, and plan to help out.  On the day of the cleanup please meet our SWCA coordinator, John Goodspeed, at 9925 Waller Road East to sign in and reserve a section of Waller Road to clean up. Litter bags will be provided. We ask that you bring your own work gloves and wear sturdy, closed toed shoes for your comfort and safety. Come spend an hour or two to help make our community look nice.   Remember – Many hands make for light work.  For more information please call John at 253-209-1785.


Posted April 24, 2018

SWCA Annual Community Meeting 2018

Summit-Waller Community Residents are invited to the Summit-Waller Community Associations’ Annual Membership & Community Meeting on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at the Mid-County Community Center located at 10205 – 44th Avenue East (behind Central Avenue Elementary School) from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

This year’s featured guests include:

Bunny Conwell, Executive Director, Mid-County Community Center

Rick Talbert, Pierce County Council Member, District 5 (our district)

Donn Brunson, Waller Road Neighborhood Watch Action Team Coordinator


                                           We want to hear from YOU at this meeting!

What issues should we work on?

How might we address those issues?

What are we doing well?


We have some great raffle prizes to give away at the end of the evening.

(5 big planter boxes with plants – valued around $100 each – a big hit last year)

(You must be present to win these outstanding prizes)

It’s all about community, community, community!

Plan to Attend!

Spread the Word!  Be Informed!  Feed Your Community Spirit!




Posted 3/20/2018

Orangegate Park Annual Clean-Up


Please join Summit-Waller Community Association volunteers for Parks Appreciation Day at Orangegate Park for the annual “Orangegate Park Clean-Up” on Saturday, April 28 from 9am to Noon.  Trail maintenance, litter patrol and pulling out invasive ivy and Scotch Broom will be the main tasks this year.  Citizens who have used the park, i.e. horse riders, dog walkers, trail bikers are strongly urged to assist in this community effort. This event is open to anyone interested in keeping this 160-acre gem in decent shape for all of us to use year round during daylight hours.

Volunteers should be dressed in their favorite work clothes.  Also, wear sturdy boots, and bring gloves.  The sign-in point will be at the corner of 84th St E and 46th Ave E (by the Cowlitz Substation).  Your help this year is greatly important.  There is really a lot to accomplish.

Remember – Many Hands Make Work Light!   It’s a community effort!

We look forward to seeing you there!



Posted 1/23/2018

                            Welcome to 2018
The Summit Waller Community Association would like to welcome you to a new year – 2018. This year
brings new as well as continuing challenges to our volunteer board of directors and the Summit Waller
citizens that support us. Some of the issues that we are currently involved in, small or large, are:
volunteer work at Orangegate Park; involvement on the Mid-County Land Use Advisory Commission;
working with school districts (Puyallup and Franklin Pierce) with levy and bond efforts, and other
initiatives concerning schools, like the Farm (96thSt E & Waller Road) and getting the OK to have modern,
electronic reader boards for schools in our semi-rural area; participation in the Adopt-A-Road litter
removal program (Waller Road – SR 512 to Pioneer Way E); involved in planning for the future Pipeline
Trail system; involved with the Neighborhood Watch program; working with Neighborhood Watch and
county officials to focus on chronic nuisance laws and nuisance properties in our community; and
working with other area community associations on various area issues. We have a community-wide
vision. We welcome the support of anyone in our community with a similar community-wide outlook.
Check us out on Facebook as well at:
Any community citizen is welcome to attend our monthly board meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm
at the Mid-County Community Center, 10205 44th Ave E, Tacoma (behind Central Avenue Elementary
School). We also have a general community meeting as our May meeting where we have invited
speakers inform us on various topics pertinent to our community. All are welcome to attend. Lastly, it’s
your community – What do you want it to look like? Get involved! Have a great year!

Orangegate Park Walk Through, Sat., Oct 21, 10am to Noon

Orangegate Park is a true, hidden gem, centrally located in the Summit-Waller neighborhood. With an extensive trail system and more than 160 acres of forested habitat, this park has amazing potential for our community and Pierce County. Pedal bikers, dog walkers, equestrian groups, birdwatchers, and even cross country teams all currently use Orangegate Park.

Come join us for a short nature walk at Orangegate Park on Saturday, October 21 from 10AM to Noon.  We will point out some of the best features of the park as well as some of the maintenance needs. We are also looking for input from the community to help shape the future of this park and care for it.

Contact Matt at 253-383-7245 for more information or just meet us at the corner of 84th street E and 46th Ave E at 10AM.


Posted: 10/9/2017

Lose That Old, Uncertified Wood Stove (Fall, 2017)

During the fall and winter months, the Tacoma-Pierce County Smoke Reduction Zone sees a spike in pollution that comes from wood smoke. The Summit-Waller Community is included in that Smoke Reduction Zone. Wood smoke from home heating accounts for more than 50% of our unhealthy fine particulate air pollution on an average winter day.

It is currently illegal to own or operate an uncertified wood stove in the Tacoma-Pierce County Smoke Reduction Zone. The owner of an uncertified wood stove is now required to remove, or render inoperable, any uncertified wood stove, or face a hefty fine ($1,00).

The Summit-Waller Community Association encourages home owners with uncertified wood stoves to replace those stoves and be on the right side of the law. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is helping residents in the Smoke Reduction Zone to recycle or replace their old, polluting wood-burning devices, and still has grant money available to assist home owners in this endeavor (Wood Stove Program). There are two options available… 1) Buy Back Reward and 2) Replacement Discount.  Please call (253) 798-4540 or visit the web site: to check out all the details. Let’s all work towards a cleaner, healthier Summit-Waller Community.



Posted 9/29/2017

Free Earthquake Workshop Opportunity 

Pierce County’s Department of Emergency Management, and Aging and Disability Resources, in conjunction with the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, is hosting a FREE “Getting Real About Earthquakes” Workshop on October 11, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Evergreen State College – Tacoma Campus, 1210 – 6th Avenue in Tacoma.  No RSVP is required.  The keynote speaker will be Bill Steele from the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network at the University of Washington.  Mr. Steele has been recently touring the region introducing the Shake Alert, West Coast Earthquake Early Warning Project (EEW) to businesses, utilities and public agencies. A panel discussion will follow that will focus on impacts and preparation steps for families, older adults and individuals with disabilities.  School staff will also discuss how elementary and secondary schools have prepared for the eventuality of a future earthquake.




Posted 6/6/2017                                                                         Pierce County’s “Community Planning” Open House

You are invited to attend Pierce County’s “Community Planning” Open House next Monday, June 12, 2017, between 5-8 pm, at the Pierce County Library Administrative Building located at 3005 – 112th Street East.  The Open House relates to Pierce County’s ongoing effort to “update” the Community Plans of South Hill, Frederickson, Parkland, Spanaway, Midland, and a portion of our Summit Community.  Pierce County indicates that no changes will be made to our Community’s Rural Separator, but some changes may be made along Canyon Road, south of 112th Street, within the Summit View Community.  Thank you.


Posted:  4/27/17


SWCA General Membership & Community Meeting

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mid-County Community Center

(Behind Central Avenue Elementary School)

10205-44th Ave E

Tacoma, WA

6:30-9 PM

 Open to the public


Faith Dairy Property & the Puyallup Tribe Information

 Pierce Communities Coalition Information

New Schools Coming in the Franklin Pierce School District

And the Vision for the “Farm” property

Special Guest: Pierce County Councilman, Rick Talbert – District #5

Orangegate Park Information

Waller Road Neighborhood Watch Coordinator & Area Crime

SWCA Recent Accomplishments and Present Needs

Plus, other nice bits of information

 Also, Door Prizes: 5 Large, outdoor, potted planters ($100 value each)

(Must be present to WIN; Drawing at end of Meeting)

 If you live in the Mid-County area and vote, you really should attend this meeting.



 Posted: 4/12/2017

Pierce County Parks Appreciation Day

Orangegate Park Work Party   2017

 Pierce County Parks and the Summit-Waller Community Association are seeking volunteers to help clear trails, remove litter, and remove invasive Scotch Broom and English Ivy from the 160-acre, county-owned Orangegate Property located in the Summit-Waller Community. The work party is scheduled on Parks Appreciation Day, Saturday, April 22 from 9:00 am to Noon.  Anyone interested in helping out is encouraged to sign-in that morning at the corner of 84th St E and 46th Ave E (near the 40-acre Tacoma Power “Cowlitz Substation”) located one-half mile west of Canyon Road E.  Volunteers are requested to wear work clothes and boots and gloves.  Bringing along picks, rakes, shovels, hand saws and trimmers would also be appreciated. For more information contact: Larry Volland @ 253-531-7795, or Dennis Young @ 253-536-2503. 


Posted 3/26/2017

Information regarding Faith Dairy

 The Puyallup Tribe has purchased the former Faith Dairy property.  The Summit-Waller Community Association is currently studying the situation and will present available information and ideas during our annual meeting.  Our annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 6:30 – 9:00 pm, at the Mid-County Community Center behind Central Avenue School on 104th Street.  The address is 10205 – 44th Avenue East, Tacoma, WA.  98446


Posted 1/31/2017

Summit Water was notified of an attempt by an individual to solicit the sale of a water meter and services for the installation of this meter to one of the Company’s customers. Please note that the water meter, box and service line from the water meter to the water main are the property of Summit Water and as such are maintained by the Company. The Company does not employ individuals to solicit sales door to door. If you are approached by individuals attempting to sell you products or services as stated above please contact us at 253-537-7781 prior to authorizing or paying for the product/services. Please give us a call for further information. A description of the sales persons and / or license number of the vehicle(s) would be very helpful too.

A man driving a small red car wears an orange vest goes up to doors and tries to open them. If he is caught he tells the property owner he is from Summit Water and trying to locate a water line. He is believed to have robbed several houses all around us. Be aware that Summit Water will not approach your home to find a water valve, they already know where the valves are. The license plate is not known at this time.

This note was sent to the Summit Water office by a customer who happens to be a member of the Waller Road Neighborhood Watch

Summit Water may on an emergency contact the resident of a home or business for notification that water was shut off for that emergency. They will not turn door knobs, just knock or ring the door bell.

Please contact the Summit Water office if you have any more information to add.


Posted 1/30/2017

New Summit-Waller Streetlights


We are happy to report that the Summit-Waller Community Association’s 2016 additional streetlights request which was approved by the Pierce County Council last fall has been fulfilled. Tacoma Power has installed new streetlights at the following intersections: 44th Ave E & Pioneer Way E and 52nd St E & Pioneer Way E.  The county and Tacoma Power are still trying to determine how to put up a streetlight at the corner of 48th St E & Waller Road. Hopefully, one will be up soon.  Puget Sound Energy recently installed the four streetlights we requested at the following intersections: 84th St E, 90th St E, 96th St E, and 104th St E on Woodland Ave E. with all four with the new LED lighting.  Nice!  Tacoma Power has also installed new streetlights at 46th Ave E and 47th Ave E on 72nd St E. Tacoma Power and Pierce County beat us to the punch on those two intersections. Lastly, a better streetlight has been installed at Vickery Ave E & 84th St E.  All of these installations are appreciated at busy and dark intersections in our community.


Posted 1/22/2017

Lose That Old, Uncertified Wood Stove

During the fall and winter months, the Tacoma-Pierce County Smoke Reduction Zone sees a spike in pollution that comes from wood smoke. The Summit-Waller Community is included in that smoke reduction zone. Wood smoke from home heating accounts for more than 50% of our unhealthy fine particulate air pollution on an average winter day.

It is currently illegal to own or operate an uncertified wood stove in the Tacoma-Pierce County Smoke Reduction Zone. The owner of an uncertified wood stove is now required to remove, or render inoperable, any uncertified wood stove, or face a hefty fine ($1,000).

The Summit-Waller Community Association encourages home owners with uncertified wood stoves to replace those stoves and be on the right side of the law. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency currently has grant money available to assist home owners in this endeavor (Wood Stove Program). Please call (253) 798-4540 or visit the web site: to check out all the details. Let’s all work towards a cleaner, healthier community




POSTED: 12/19/2016

Season’s Greetings 2016-17

The Summit-Waller Community Association’s Board of Directors would like to wish all residents in the Mid-County Communities of Riverside, Summit-Waller, Summit View, and North Clover Creek-Collins a very merry Holiday Season and a happy and prosperous New Year.  May 2017 bring a wellspring of community activism and volunteerism.  We hope that the same will be true for all communities within Pierce County.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the citizen volunteers within the Mid-County area who helped make 2016 a year of continued maintenance of our semi-rural communities.

Happy Holidays!

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POSTED: 12/19/2016

Mail & Package Theft

The Summit-Waller Community (SR 512 to Pioneer Way; Woodland Ave to Swan Creek) is currently being hit hard by mail & package thieves. Neighborhood Watch groups and Summit-Waller Community Association litter patrol around Orangegate Park are finding large amounts of discarded, stolen mail and empty, stolen packages (UPPS, UPS, Fed Ex).  There is some attempt at returning these items to either the home owner or to the postal service.

Citizens need to help prevent these thefts by making arrangements for quick pickup of mail or packages delivered, and to drop off outgoing mail at various USPS boxes in the area.  Also, consider getting a locking mailbox.  Mail thieves look for quick and easy targets. Locking mailboxes are not easy targets.  If you have a regular mailbox, and put all your outgoing mail in it and put the red flag arm up, and also wait till later to pick up incoming mail, it is like having a permanent sign on your mailbox that says, “Steal My Mail, I Don’t Care”.

Lastly, if you find stolen and discarded mail in your area, please make the attempt to return it to its intended recipient or to the USPS mail carrier.

Let’s make this Holiday Season and 2017 as theft free as possible.

Notice: The next area Neighborhood Watch Meeting will be on January 6, 2017 at the Mid-County Community Center (10205 44th Ave E, Tacoma [behind Central Avenue Elementary School]) at 7:00 pm where this issue will be discussed.  If mail & package theft is a problem in your area, you might consider attending the meeting.


POSTED: 12/19/2016

Board of Directors

Larry Volland, President:

John Goodspeed, Secretary:

Dennis Young, Treasurer:

Daniel Haire, Board Member:

Russell Reed, Board Member:

Angela Angove, Vice President:

Mark Giannobile, Board Member:

Lisa Ikeda, Board Member:  

Jim Akers, Alt. Board Member:


2017 Monthly Board Meetings Schedule

January  03,   Tues., 7-9 pm, Mid-County Community Center

February  07,   Tues., 7-9 pm, Mid-County Community Center

March   07,   Tues., 7-9 pm, Mid-County Community Center

April  04,   Tues., 7-9 pm, Mid-County Community Center

May 02,  Tues.,  7-9 pm, General Community Annual Meeting, Mid-County Community Center – Plan to Attend!

June 06,   Tues., 7-9 pm, Mid-County Community Center

July  04,   Tues., No Meeting – Independence Day

August 01,   Tues., 7-9 pm, Mid-County Community Center

September 05,   Tues., 7-9 pm, Mid-County Community Center

October  03,   Tues., 7-9 pm, Mid-County Community Center

November  07,   Tues., 7-9 pm, Mid-County Community Center

December   05,   Tues., 7-9 pm, Mid-County Community Center


Note – The Mid-County Community Center is located at 10205-44th Avenue East.

It is located behind Central Avenue Elementary School in the Summit area of 104th St. E.,west of Canyon Road E.   44th Avenue East is located at the western end of the school playfield. After turning north onto 44th Avenue East, the paved road will take you around to the community center.

NoteAll SWCA meetings are open to SWCA members and the general public.

  The Summit-Waller Community Association Mailing Address is:

           11012 Canyon Rd. E

            Suite 8 – 198

            Puyallup, WA 98373

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Posted 10/18/2016

SWCA Supports Franklin Pierce School Bond Measure

The citizens of the Franklin Pierce School district have a unique opportunity to greatly improve the educational environment throughout the school district with the passage of the $157 million, 20-yr. Bond measure before district voters on November 8.

The expiring 1998 Bond and 2012 Capital Levy sets the stage for a historic chance to replace five of the district’s oldest elementary schools, plus make additional construction improvements district-wide at a lower school tax rate going forward.

The school district has made great strides in educational improvements over recent years under the guidance of Supt. Dr. Frank Hewins, and have been prudent stewards of the district’s tax revenues.  These educational improvements have been noticed and recognized by local, state and federal entities.

Our community group along with parents, staff and other stakeholders in the district have assisted in crafting the current bond effort, and strongly feel that now is the time to embark on construction projects that will benefit students, staff and the community for a long time to come.

The Summit-Waller Community Association along with so many others in the school district encourage a strong “YES” vote on this issue on November 8.



Car Show, Dinner & Auction

Sock Hop!  —– Cruisin’

Live DJ for the Music

Cars Park Free & Car Show is Free

Friday, August 19, 2016


Mid-County Community Center

(Behind Central Avenue Elementary School)

10205 44th Ave E

Tacoma, WA 98446

Phone: 253-531-8412

Italian Feast Dinner: $15 pre-sale; $20 at the door

All proceeds from this fundraiser benefit our senior center.

Trophies for the car show will be awarded.

 Posted: 6/8/16:

The Mid-County Community Center’s

2nd Annual

Antique Appraisal Fundraiser

Friday – June 10, 2016

10am – 2pm

Four Experienced Appraisers –

Joan Best, Tony Berg, Andy Meier & Jerry…

will give their “educated estimated guess” at the value of your item(s).

No limit on items, but there will be a $5.00 donation fee for each item.

Location: Mid-County Community Center, 10205 44th Ave E.

(The center is located behind Central Avenue Elementary School.)

Sponsored by: the Rainier League of Arts.

Demonstrations by league members.

Sale of miniature paintings, etc. to benefit the Rainier League of Arts.

Support the Community Center as it supports the community’s senior citizens.

Posted: 6/8/16:     As you may be aware, our community has citizen patrols in cooperation with the Pierce County Sheriff.  We believe that prevention of area crime is an important issue for our community and every community.  Our community’s “Neighborhood Watch Association” (regarding area crime) meets on the first Friday of every Month, 7:00- 8:30 p.m., at the Mid-County Community Center, located on 104th Street behind Central Avenue School.  While every community has crime issues, we are one of the few community’s that is doing sometime about the problem.

Important things to remember when reporting a crime or suspicious activity:

Description of Suspect:

Head – Hair color/length, hat, hoody, facial hair, race, sex, height

Shoulders – Small, medium, large build, shirt color/style

Knees – Pants length/color/type

Toes – Shoes or boots and color/style


Description of Vehicle:

License number and State

Color of vehicle

Size – 2 door/4 door/pick up/SUV

Make/Model if known

Anything unusual? Decals, markings, damage, wheels

Bicycle – size and color, does rider have backpack?

Take photos/video if possible.



POSTED: 3/22/2016

Volunteers Needed at Orangegate Park
Saturday, April 23, 2016
9:00 am – Noon
Location: Corner of 84th St E & 46th Ave E
Summit-Waller Community
Please consider giving back to the community by volunteering one to three hours on Parks Appreciation Day by working in the 143-acre, county-owned Orangegate Park.  Work party volunteers will be clearing trails, picking up litter, removing invasive English Ivy & Scotch Broom, cutting down blackberry bushes and Swissing up trees.  Volunteers are encouraged to carpool to the site if possible.  There is no need to pre-register. Just simply show up, register at the administration table and start working.  Come prepared with gloves, appropriate work clothes, gloves and boots.  Please bring additional items such as trimmers, rakes, shoves, wheelbarrows and other yard tools, as this is a big area in need of attention. Some tools will be available at the site.  Bottled water and trash bags will be provided. This is a great opportunity for any individual or a group needing “community service” hours.  If you have questions contact Larry Volland: 253-531-7795.  Project sponsors are: the Summit-Waller Community Association & Pierce County Parks & Recreation.  To view a map of Orangegate Park go to    We look forward to seeing you there rain or shine, and feel free to spread the word of this volunteer opportunity.


Posted 3/8/2016

Here is an interesting article from Superintendent Frank Hewins, Franklin Pierce School District 

FRANKLIN PIERCE SCHOOL DISTRICT — I find my seat among the crowd as the lights dim, the murmuring stops, and the curtain rises. Fresh young faces in full voice belt out a tune of which we are all familiar. Our smiles broaden, our feet tap, and we quietly hum along, transported by the music to parts of our minds we often don’t visit as frequently as we would like. Yes, we are at a school concert. One, of many, at all levels that I have the privilege of attending each year. Or it could be a dramatic play or musical comedy or an instrumental jazz performance. The accomplished students of Franklin Pierce Schools continue to thrive and excel in the performing arts. Our efforts to sustain these programs, even during the Great Recession, have remained successful. With the incredible ability of our students to demonstrate their ever-increasing skills related to the performing arts, I sometimes cringe seeing the high quality of a student performer relegated to the likes of a stage in a cafeteria or gymnasium. For almost three decades, I have attended such performances here in our district and have dreamed of a time when we, as a supportive community, would be able to honor our childrens’ incredible talent with a performing arts facility worthy of their efforts. While the time is never exactly right for such an investment, we may be approaching a great opportunity to take on such a project that would have a significant multiplier effect on the culture of our wonderful community.

As long as our assessed valuation remains steady and if all goes well, we will be able to deliver a bond measure in November 2016 that will allow us to replace and/or significantly remodel our oldest (60-100 years old) elementary schools, build a new 500 seat performing arts center, renovate high school STEM labs, make district-wide security upgrades, make health, safety, educational, athletic and infrastructure improvements, and require no additional increase to our local taxpayers as a result of the slight increase incurred from our 2012 Capital Levy and the final payoff of our 1998 Bond Measure.  Such a measure will provide sustainability to our school facilities for the next 20-30 years. This past year, we reconvened the FPS 2030 Facilities Planning Committee that includes community members, parents, staff and students who brought their recommendations to the School Board. It will be up to the Board to take action through a resolution later this spring to determine what, specifically, will be on the ballot next fall. It is an exciting time for Franklin Pierce Schools and the future looks very bright!

As a result of your support and passage of our Capital Projects Levy in 2012, the first major construction project completed by our district in over a decade opened its doors last spring (2015). The beautiful new Keithley Commons is now in full operation serving our students.  Late this fall, we opened the new FPS Early Learning Center on the site of the former Parkland United Methodist Church, serving 320 three-to-five year olds in our Head Start, ECEAP, Developmental Preschool, and Community Preschool. It is now a state-of-the-art, high quality early learning center made possible for the community without any additional funds from our taxpayers. Our next major project that you will see accomplished late this spring (2016) will be the complete renovation of the new Ford Commons at Ford Middle School.

One of the telling markers of success of a school district is the rate of high school graduates it has. It is the vision of Franklin Pierce Schools that “every student graduates from high school prepared to succeed in post-secondary education.”  Rising from the ashes and being labeled as a “dropout factory” by the national media for our low on-time graduation rates of 57% in 2010, FPS has now surpassed the on-time graduation rates of both the State of WA and the national average with an overall rate of 82.7%. Our extended graduation rate (5 yrs.) is now at 91%. We are getting closer and closer to reaching our goal, despite our challenging demographics (high rates of poverty, mobility, and diversity) and the increasingly difficult graduation requirements. Our traditional comprehensive high schools (FPHS & WHS) averaged almost 90% of on-time graduates for the Class of 2015.

Because of this success, and particularly our success in closing the achievement gap for all our many cultural and ethnic subgroups when it comes to graduation rates, we are one of four districts in our state that has been recognized and is being studied by OSPI to determine the things we are doing and to help replicate our work in other school districts. You can be very proud of the work of our talented and dedicated staff in all of our schools and of our hard-working students.

The first half of the school year has been very positive and productive!  Please join us in the many activities taking place at all of our dynamic schools. Whether it is a play, concert, ballgame, or  PTA meeting, your support and involvement with our schools is strongly encouraged and appreciated.  Bundle up, take your umbrella, get a flu shot, think spring, and I’ll see you around the district!

Posted March 3, 2016:

Summit-Waller Community Association Wins Group Award 

 The Summit-Waller Community Association has won a 2016 Volunteer Group Award from Pierce County Parks & Recreation for its volunteer work on a monthly basis in the 160-acre Orangegate Park located in the Summit-Waller Community near Tacoma Power’s large Cowlitz Substation west of Canyon Road on 84th St E.  SWCA members of the Board of Directors will receive the award at the 38th Annual Pierce County Volunteer Recognition Brunch on Saturday, March 12, 2016.  The group is being honored for its initial efforts in the 1990’s to acquire the property for the county from the state with Conservation Futures funds; cleaning the property up; and working with Pierce County Parks over the years to maintain the property with litter pick up and staging, trail maintenance, sign maintenance and some evasive, non-native plant removal.  Unique activities in the park include horseback riding, hiking, dog walking, mountain biking, bird watching, trail running and other non-motorized usages.  The SWCA is currently working on a Vision Plan for the park with the eventual task of putting together grant requests for future development ideas.  Congratulations SWCA and the residents of the Summit-Waller Community!


POSTED: 2/18/2016                                      SQUATTERS…………………………………

OLYMPIA, Wash. — An effort to crack down on squatters has passed a major hurdle in Olympia but the legislation is not moving forward with bi-partisan support.

Republicans say they want to make it easier for landlords to get rid of squatters but Democrats are concerned current legislation, as written, is too broad and could take away tenant rights.

A KING 5 report in January exposed a gray area in state law when squatters took over a Tacoma rental home and deputies told the owners they had to go through a lengthy eviction process. The story inspired Rep. Hans Zeiger, R-Puyallup, to put a bill forward requiring officers to remove squatters on grounds of criminal trespassing.

“Since KING 5 has been running this story, I’ve gotten tons of emails from across the state from folks who are saying this is a problem they’ve had to deal with and there are just very few options,” said Zeiger.


Lawmakers question why deputies won’t remove Tacoma squatters


New bill could help homeowners kick out squatters more easily

This week, Zeiger’s squatter companion bill in the Senate passed 26 to 23 along party lines.

“I was hoping that there would be a little bit higher vote count in favor of the bill so we have our work cut out for us in the House,” Zeiger said. “But, to me, this is just a common sense bill.”

Senate Democrats aren’t so sure. They say the current legislation could negatively impact tenants who may not have a written lease agreement but rather, a verbal “OK” to stay on a property. Sen. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle, says in order to gain needed bipartisan support, the legislation must be narrowly focused on squatters.

“I think you would have no disagreement from anybody in the legislature about examining what our existing remedies are and potentially adding remedies for the police to be able to deal with squatters,” said Pedersen.

Zeiger says he’s willing to compromise to find the right fix.

“We’ve got to make sure this is expedited, that we’ve got our ducks in a row, and any amendments that are needed to make this pass are ready to go,” said Zeiger.

That process could be ironed out within the next week before a hearing in the house judiciary committee. In the meantime, concerned landlords are meeting Thursday evening in Tacoma to pressure lawmakers to find a solution.


Posted: January 27, 2016            Squatters in Summit-Waller……

 Recently, Representative Hans Zeiger introduced House Bill 2897 to help property owners and law enforcement deal with squatters. He has heard from a number of neighbors in the Summit-Waller area – this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Follow the progress of the bill and stay tuned for updates on this page:…


POSTED:  January 16, 2016



Wouldn’t You Like to Be “A Fly on the Wall”?     The ELHS Drama Department invites you to see our 2016 production of “A Fly on the Wall” on February 11th and 12th. This comedy-mystery, written by Pat Cook and produced by special arrangement with Brooklyn Publishers, LLC, centers around the office of Dr. Philip Axelrod, a straight-laced, no frills psychiatrist whose office suddenly fills up with an array of comical  characters and rumors of a threat on the good doctor’s very life! There are four performances that you can choose to attend. Matinee performances take place Thursday, Feb. 11th at 10:00 am (Bethany & Christ the King) and 1:00 pm (Faith & Parkland), and on Friday, Feb. 12 at 1:00 pm (Holy Trinity). Our evening performance on Friday, Feb. 12 begins at 7:00 pm (general public). Ticket prices for matinee productions are $2.00 for TELSS students and $5.00 for adults.

Tickets for Friday evening’s “dessert performance” are $10. Desserts will be served beginning at 6:30 pm. Regular admission for the evening performance is $5.00. Proceeds for all performances go to the ELHS Drama Department. Please RSVP for dessert reservations no later than Monday, February 8. To reserve tickets, please call ELHS at (253) 946-4488. We look forward to seeing you!


POSTED:  1/14/2016

Evergreen Lutheran High School  hashome Basketball games this Saturday, 1/16, @7:15 and 8:45pm.  Next week they have home games on Tuesday, 1/19, and Friday 1/22, from 3:45p – 9pm both nights.


 POSTED:  1/14/2016

Street Lights & Traffic Signals in the Summit-Waller Community

The Summit-Waller Community is a semi-rural area between Tacoma and Puyallup. Rural and semi-rural areas typically do not have street lighting similar to urban areas. In the Summit-Waller Community one will notice a lot of street lighting installed by private parties for various reasons.

 The Summit-Waller Community Association some years ago felt that some additional county-provided street lighting was needed, especially at major intersections, near schools, and near park land.  In the last five years or so, the community association working with our local elected officials have requested several street light additions in the community. All of our requested street lights have been approved and installed with eight new additions just this last year.  We have focused our requests on the various arterial roads and intersections especially the Waller Road, Canyon Road, Vickery Ave, 72nd St E, 84th St E, 96th St E, and 104th St E corridors. Our next focus will be primarily on the Woodland Ave corridor in 2016.

The Summit-Waller Community Association has also been instrumental in having LED lighting at traffic signal intersections in our community.  Our association also has been instrumental in promoting new signal lights at Waller Road & Pioneer Way E and 84th St E & Waller Road E.  We have welcomed the addition of a new traffic signal in 2016 at the intersection of 66th Ave E & 52nd St E. by Picha Farms.

And finally, we will also be promoting the eventual installation of an interim traffic signal at the west end of busy 52nd St E at the intersection of Pioneer Way E & 52nd St E, just west of Chief Leschi School & Storino Farms where drivers witness near-miss vehicle collisions on a daily basis.

Visit us at:  www.summitwaller .org, or



Attention Small Business Owners     (POSTED 12-1-2015):         If you are a small business owner in the Pacific Northwest, then you may be interested in the following assistance information submitted by former Summit-Waller resident and current Region X Administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration, Calvin Goings:


U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Ensuring greater economic opportunity and income equality are the pressing public policy issues of our time. At the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), we are dedicated to addressing this challenge by fully supporting all entrepreneurs as they start, grow, and expand – which improves the economy and strengthens our communities.

SBA Empowering ALL Entrepreneurs

Meet Entrepreneurs in Their Community and Provide Focused,    Relevant, and Culturally Competent Technical Assistance

 Expand Relationships

  1. Conduct Ongoing Relationship Building
  2. Expand Ongoing Underserved Business Event Attendance & Engagement
  3. Re-engage SBA Ambassador Program
  4. Broaden Relationship Cultivation Activities
  5. Conduct Place-based Outreach
  6. Expand Underserved Business Trainings


Create Culturally Appropriate Marketing Materials and Communications to Support All Initiatives

 Maximize Existing Newsletters

  1. Improve Readiness Materials and Communication
  2. Share Stories Through Media Relations Campaign
  3. Develop Relevant Marketing Materials
  4. Conduct Technological Audits

 Boost Outreach in Culturally Diverse Communities and Provide Related Education

  1. Create an Ongoing Business Resource Map
  2. Hold Hybrid Roundtables
  3. Expand Underserved Community Relationships
  4. Conduct Training Resource Identification
  5. Update Existing Lists and Materials
  6. Continue to Expand Underserved Community Relationships
  7. Improve Partner Outreach Efficiencies
  8. Develop Specialized Micro-Business Programs

Expand Ongoing Activities and Events to Reach More Underserved Communities

  1. Maximize Existing Relationships
  2. Identify New Opportunities in Underserved Communities
  3. Continue to Expand and Cultivate New Partner Opportunities

Contact Information

If your small business can use any of these above services provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration, please contact this federal agency for more complete details in any of the listed categories or their related services.

Calvin W. Goings

Regional Administration, SBA

2401 4th Avenue, Suite 450

Seattle, WA 98121



Small Businesses Should Stay Connected

Regional News From Calvin Goings:

Follow: @SBAPacificNW

Local News and Events:



POSTED 12-1-2015:


wallerroadneighborhoodwatch POTLUCK & MEETING Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday, December 4, 2015 at 6:30 PM will be out Potluck & Social, followed by our meeting.

Updates on the criminal activity in our community — the good news is the crime in our area is down.  Also a report in the clean up, code violations and sale of the house on 104th Street.  Followed by a presentation on “Tips for the Holidays” to keep you safe and secure.

Please join us, bring your favorite potluck dish, a neighbor or friend and your questions and concerns.






All burn bans are lifted in Pierce and Snohomish counties, effective at 12pm today, Monday, November 30th. Darrington’s burn ban is being elevated to STAGE 2, effective at 12pm today and will be lifted at 8am tomorrow, Tuesday, December 1st.
With a weak front this evening coming from the south, we expect air pollution to mix out in most areas.  However, with this morning’s high levels in Darrington and the late arrival of the front there, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency doesn’t expect relief in Darrington until tomorrow morning.
Visit to view the current burn ban status, download our mobile app, and other burn ban alert options for you area.
Use of fireplaces and uncertified wood stoves and inserts prohibited. Pellet stoves, EPA certified wood stoves and inserts are allowed. Outdoor burning prohibited.   All wood burning prohibited, including pellet stoves. Outdoor burning prohibited.
  • Fireplaces
  • Uncertified Wood Stoves
  • Uncertified Wood Inserts
  • Outdoor Burning
  • Certified Wood Stoves
  • Certified Wood Inserts
  • Pellet Stoves & Inserts
  It is OK to use natural gas and propane stoves or inserts during a Stage 1 & 2 burn bans.
  • The only exception is if the homeowner has a previously approved ‘No Other Adequate Source of Heat’ designation from the Clean Air Agency
  • Burn ban violations are subject to a $1,000 penalty.
The Washington State Department of Health recommends that people who are sensitive to air pollution limit their time spent outdoors, especially when exercising. Air pollution can trigger asthma attacks, cause difficulty breathing, and make lung and heart problems worse. Air pollution is especially harmful to people with lung and heart problems, people with diabetes, children, and older adults (over age 65).
The purpose of a burn ban is to reduce the amount of pollution that is creating unhealthy air. Puget Sound Clean Air Agency staff will continue to monitor the situation.

For more information:

  • Visit the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab on the Burn Ban Status page
  • How can one tell if their wood stove is certified, and OK to use during a Stage 1 burn ban?  Age matters – if the stove is over 20 years old, it is likely uncertified and prohibited for use during a burn ban.  Uncertified wood stoves are no longer legal to sell or purchase in the State of Washington due to the significant pollution they generate.  A certified stove will have an EPA label on the back.
#   #   #
The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is an air quality management agency serving King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Created as a result of the 1967 Washington Clean Air Act, the agency protects public health by adopting and enforcing air quality regulations, educating individuals and businesses about clean-air choices, and sponsoring voluntary initiatives to improve air quality.
The Agency fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and does not discriminate based on race, color, sex, or national origin in its programs and activities.  In addition, the Agency also assures non-discrimination on the basis of creed, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital or veteran status.  For more information, or to submit a title VI Complaint, go to: or call (206) 343-8800.


Posted: 11-18-2015

Lose That Old, Uncertified Wood Stove

During the fall and winter months, the Tacoma-Pierce County Smoke Reduction Zone sees a spike in pollution that comes from wood smoke. The Summit-Waller Community is included in that smoke reduction zone. Wood smoke from home heating accounts for more than 50% of our fine particulate air pollution on the average winter day.

As of October 1, 2015 it is illegal to own or operate an uncertified wood stove in the Smoke Reduction Zone. The owner of an uncertified wood stove is now required to remove, or render inoperable, any uncertified wood stove.

The Summit-Waller Community Association encourages home owners with uncertified wood stoves to replace those stoves and be on the right side of the law. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency was recently granted additional money to assist home owners in this endeavor. The Wood Stove Program started up again at the end of October.  Please call (253) 798-4540 or visit the web site: to check out the details.


Posted 11/11/15

Talbert applauds passage of measure to fund property crimes unit

During budget debate at the Nov. 10 meeting of the Pierce County Council, the body adopted an amendment that funds the creation of a Sheriff’s unit dedicated solely to property crimes. It’s a measure which Councilmember Rick Talbert has been fighting on behalf of for over two years.

“This is a huge win for the citizens of Pierce County, and I’m grateful the Council saw fit to support this idea,” said Talbert, who represents the 5th Council District. “Property crimes are the number-one concern for the people of my district and across Pierce County. Clearly something needed to be done to help keep the public safe.”

Talbert added that he has been working with the Pierce County Sheriff’s department and other stakeholders for some time to bring this to fruition.

The amendment will add five full-time employees to the Sheriff’s Department to create this new unit, which will provide the Sheriff the ability to aggressively investigate and pursue the arrests of individuals who are committing property crimes within Pierce County. The amendment also adds additional resources to the other departments within the County’s Public Safety arena to ensure that these individuals are prosecuted, sentenced and incarcerated.

The Council worked late into the evening Tuesday to finalize the 2016 budget proposal. It is expected to be adopted on Nov. 16.


Posted 11/11/15

Congratulations to the Puyallup School District Voters

The Summit-Waller Community Association congratulates the citizen voters in the Puyallup School District for their approval of the district’s $292.5 million dollar bond issue on November 3rd to begin to solve the overcrowding crisis in the school district, especially at the elementary level.  A new elementary school will be built on South Hill that is scheduled to open in 2019. In that same year, larger replacement buildings at Firgrove and Northwood elementary schools are also scheduled to open. In 2020, a new, larger Sunrise Elementary and an expanded Pope Elementary will open. The growth in the 8th largest school district in the state is ongoing, especially on the South Hill with 80 new homes selling each month in the district.  The Rural Separator (RSep) zoning in the Waller Road area prevents such high growth.  Waller Road Elementary is a small community school, and the association is thankful for the extensive building improvements to this school over this last summer by the Puyallup School District. We hoped that voters in the Waller Road area remembered the Waller Road school improvements when casting their votes on the school bond issue.

Posted 11/11/15

Congratulations to the Puyallup School Board

The Puyallup School District Board of Directors was one of two Pierce County school boards to have been named “Boards of Distinction” by the Washington State School Directors’ Association. The Puyallup School Board earned the award by demonstrating how they conduct business and ensure transparency and accountability, provide for student and staff safety, and measure student academic progress. The school board will be honored Nov. 20 during the WSSDA annual conference in Bellevue.  Congratulations Puyallup School Board

Posted 11/3/2015

The following are some of the recent accomplishments and current projects of you Summit-Waller Community Association:

  • Continuing as the a volunteer caretaker group for the 160 acre Orangegate property for Pierce County Parks & Recreation Department (in the area of 84th St E & 46 Ave E, next to Tacoma Power’s Cowlitz Substation).
  • Continuing to promote current and future implementation of an Integrated Mobile Learning Platform (IMLP) strategy for the Franklin Pierce and Puyallup School Districts.
  • Working with the Franklin Pierce School District on continued expansion of the “Farm” program located at Waller Road E & 96th St E. to benefit district agricultural programs and the school lunch program in the district.
  • Working with Pierce County officials to promote additional street lighting and traffic signals in our community – examples:  Waller Road & Pioneer Way E (done); 84th St E & Waller Road (done); several new street lights.
  • Continuing our Waller Road E “Adopt-A-Road” effort (SR 512 to Pioneer Way E).
  • Continuing to monitor zoning and crime issues within our community (Mid-County & Neighborhood Watch).
  • Continuing to support the Mid-County Community Center and its activities for seniors.
  • Continuing our efforts with county officials and agencies to deal with nuisance properties in our area.
  • Continuing to communicate with local and state elected officials over issues consistent with our mission statement.


Posted: 10/13/2015
Puyallup School District Bond Issue Vote
The Summit-Waller Community Association’s Board of Directors voted unanimously at its October Board Meeting to approve and support the Puyallup School District’s Nov. 3, 2015, $292.5 million school bond measure before the district’s voters. The SWCA Board encourages Puyallup School District voters to vote “YES” on this very important issue. A bond issue means to build and/or remodel educational facilities within the school district, something that is long overdue (10 years) to help alleviate severe overcrowding within the second largest school district in Pierce County and the eighth largest in the state with over 22,000 students in 32 schools. The district has 232 portable classrooms in use, and virtually little or no space to add more portables to meet the needs of a growing school district.
The successful passage of this year’s Puyallup School District bond request is both a taxpayer’s bargain and is critical for both the short-term and long-term educational needs of the school district’s students, especially at the overcrowded elementary level. The cost to the average district taxpayer is estimated at an increase of two cents ($ .02) per $1,000 of assessed property. For Example: The owner of a home valued at $250,000 would pay about $5 more per year in taxes levied by the school district. As of Oct., 2014 the current school tax rate is $6.50 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. The proposed bond would increase that to $6.52 per $1,000 of assessed value.
For more information on this year’s Puyallup School District’s Bond Issue, please visit the school district website at: and remember the students of the school district are counting on you to support their educational needs.

Posted: October 9, 2015
Waller Road Elementary School Improvement Projects
Over the summer Waller Road Elementary School in our community was the recipient of some well-deserved improvements. Pressure washing the exterior of the school began in July followed by a fresh coat of paint. Students and staff will also return this fall to find new carpeting throughout the school, as well as newly purchased student and teacher desks, computer lab tables, and multipurpose room chairs. New furniture has also been installed in the main office and some smaller offices and meeting rooms. We thank the Puyallup School District for these improvements.
The Summit-Waller Community Association has pushed for school improvements over the last several years, and has been supportive of bond issues and levy requests from the school district. In recent years, our community association has been instrumental in the persuading the county to put up additional street lighting on Waller Road and 64th St E by the school, as well as the reduced speed limits with signage on the streets bordering the school.
We hope that you will join our board of directors in supporting the Puyallup School District’s important bond issue effort on the ballot before the voters in November.

Posted: October 9, 2015
Nuisance Property has been vacated and “boarded up.”
Because of recent attempts and years of red tape to clean up a nuisance property in the area in the 4100 block of 104th St E, SWCA board members recently reached out to Pierce County officials in hopes of addressing the issue of bank owned/vacant properties throughout the entire county. Monday morning (October 5th) a few SWCA board members met with Pierce County Councilmember Rick Talbert and other county staff to map out a plan to work collaboratively to develop real solutions to this ongoing issue. It was a productive meeting and we will share more information as things progress. As a result of our community’s long effort, this particular nuisance property on 104th Street has been “boarded up” by the Sheriff and County officials.
If you have any questions or concerns about nuisance or vacant properties, the process in which they are handled or have any suggestions for how to improve the process for dealing with these properties, please let us know by emailing any of the board members with your suggestions. For Facebook users, you can also provide your feedback on the Summit Waller Community Association’s Facebook page located at


Orangegate Park Annual Clean-Up 2015

Come join the Pierce County Parks Department and other Summit-Waller Community Association volunteers in the Annual Orangegate Park Clean-Up on Saturday, April 25th from 9am to Noon.  Trail maintenance, litter patrol and pulling out invasive ivy will be the main tasks to be completed.  Citizens who have used the park, i.e. horse riders and dog walkers are strongly urged to assist in this community effort. Volunteers should be dressed in their favorite work clothes.  Also, wear sturdy boots, and bring gloves.  The sign-in point will be at the corner of 84th St E and 46th Ave E (by the Cowlitz Substation).  Your help this year is very important.  Remember – Many Hands Make Work Lite!    It’s a community effort!   Hope to see you there!


The Summit-Waller Community Association & Pierce County Roads

With help from Waller Road Residents

The Waller Road Adopt-A-Road Program


Messy & Littered Streets and Yards Are A Big Factor In Attracting Crime ….. Discouraging House Buyers & Renters!

The Summit-Waller Community Association has adopted Waller Road E between State Route 512 and Pioneer Way E through the Pierce County   ADOPT-A-ROAD program. (notice the blue signs) 

We Need Your Help!     >>>>>>     Volunteer!

When:   Saturday, May 16, 2015 Between 9am – Noon ( just 1-2 Hours / person) Where:   Meet at    9925 Waller Rd E

Bring:      Gloves and/or a pick-up stick or hand grabber

Hope For:  Sunshine and Lots of Helpers

Provided:   Litter Bags, helmets, vests,  and choice of road section assignment

Call:    John Goodspeed at 253.209.1785, or email at

Can’t Walk or Bend:      If you can help behind the scenes, that would be great!      Such as:   Phoning / Passing out bags / Signing in / Etc

Alternate arrangements to help can be made for later Saturday or on Sunday. Just Call!       Oh, and bring your neighbor!     It’s Your Community!

The Faith Dairy location has sort of returned as WE ESCAPE Drive thru dairy.  Milk is $4.00 per gallon and comes from Liberty Dairy, Puyallup.   SWCA members have tried the milk and it appears fresh and reasonably priced.  The title “WE ” originates from the first letter of the owners’ names and “ESCAPE” was apparently the name of another business location before they moved to the former Faith Dairy location.

You are encouraged to visit the Evergreen High School “page” which can be found on our home page (left hand menu) as “Adjacent Community Websites.”  Evergreen is currently providing a basketball camp at their school for the community. 

SWCA Board Members Jim Akers and Larry Volland are currently attending committee meetings regarding the Franklin Pierce School Districts “Vision 2030” which is intended to prepare a bond package for voters to consider during 2016.

Many citizens attended the “Welcome Home” celebration during December for the hundreds of salmon returning to Swan Creek Park located near the intersection of Waller Road and Pioneer Way.

The former Dsylan Boys Ranch, former Gateway for Youth, located on 104th Street, is now know as the “Mentor House” and generally continues its similar historic mission of helping youth.

As you may be aware, our community has citizen patrols in cooperation with the Pierce County Sheriff.  We believe that prevention of area crime is an important issue for our community and every community.  Our community’s “Neighborhood Watch Association” (regarding area crime) meets on the first Friday of every Month, 7:00- 8:30 p.m., at the Mid-County Community Center, located on 104th Street behind Central Avenue School.  While every community has crime issues, we are one of the few community’s that is doing sometime about the problem.



 11th Annual Salmon Saturday in Swan Creek Park – 12/13/14
Please join us Saturday, December 13th, as we “welcome home” Swan Creek Salmon:
Saturday, December 13, 2014, is the eleventh annual, Salmon Saturday in Swan Creek Park, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 2820 Pioneer Way East (Canyon Entrance/Parking Lot).

Friends of Swan Creek Watershed, Tacoma EnviroChallenger Program, and the Tacoma Nature Center invite you to join them, along with Citizens for a Healthy Bay, Pierce Conservation District and the Puyallup Tribe Fisheries Department, in welcoming Swan Creek salmon as they return home to spawn.  Experience the special wonder of watching salmon make their way upstream in an urban setting!

The event includes tours of the park to see the spawning salmon, children’s activities, salmon-friendly home & gardening information and more.  Learn what a watershed is, and what we can do to protect our valuable water resources, through hands-on activities for all ages.  You’ll even be able to personally test water from Swan Creek and find out how its current conditions impact the survival of salmon in the creek.  New this year, you’ll be able to learn about the annual fish counts and other work done by the Puyallup Tribe Fisheries Department.

Take a tour, stroll or hike on your own, or simply stop by to pick up free resource materials.  But don’t miss this great event!

For More Information:  Call 253-472-7264 or

To View Pictures from Salmon Saturday in Swan Creek Park: and click on Events.

Directions:  Swan Creek Park (2820 Pioneer Way E. – Canyon Entrance):

Coming from River Road (near I-5):
When you are on Pioneer Way East coming from River Road, watch for the Clay Art Center and Barker’s Barn (both on the right side of the road).  There is also a small Swan Creek Park sign posted right before the park entrance parking lot.  On the left, across from the park entrance, is a large fenced freight distribution center.  If you reach Waller Road, you’ve passed it.

Coming from Puyallup:
If you are coming from the Puyallup area on Pioneer Way East, watch for Waller Road on the left.  The park entrance is just past that, also on the left.

About Swan Creek Park:  Swan Creek Park is a unique 373 acre “treasure” nestled on the boundary of East Tacoma and unincorporated Pierce County, with 290 acres owned by Metro Parks Tacoma, and 83 acres in the lower canyon owned by Pierce County.  This diverse green space includes a salmon bearing stream, a wooded canyon with a walking trail along the creek, an upland forest with paved and natural trails, a community garden, food forest, and a new mountain bike trail system.  The park is popular for hiking, walking, jogging, bicycling, bird watching, photography, and other recreational activities.



Join us for The 2014 Summit-Waller Community Association Candidate Forum:

United States 10th Congressional District Candidates:

Denny Heck (D)

Joyce McDonald (R)

25th LD Representative (1)

Dawn Morrell (D)

Melanie Stambaugh (R)

 25th LD Representative (2)

Hans Zeiger (R)*

Eric Renz (D)

(*Hans Zeiger has a prior commitment and won’t be present.)

Pierce County Council member Rick Talbert is unopposed but will also be present.

Mid-County Community Center

10205 44th Ave E, Tacoma, WA 98446

October 23rd 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

Contact: Carolyn Merrival at for more information




         Burglary Arrest in Summit Waller:

  • Burglary arrests made at about 1:50 AM today (10-11-14).@ E. 84th St.(The heart of Summit Waller).
  • Two females were apprehended while in the process of loading items from the home and property.
  • Our Neighborhood Watch had been monitoring the property for the past 10 days.
  • Neighbor hood watch coordinator enlisted the neighbors to assist in the monitoring, which ultimately led to the arrest during the attempted burglary.
  • The two suspects were taken to jail, their Forest Green Suv vehicle license #540ZVR car was impounded.
  • The Suv was nearly loaded at the time of arrest where loading time was about 10 minutes prior to arrest.
  • Called response to Neighborhood Watch and arrival of the Neighbor Hood team was approximately 3 minutes.(Fantastic response time made the difference in apprehension.)
  • It is a good idea for neighbors to watch each others property and homes.  That’s why its called “Neighborhood Watch.”


SWCA would like to thank the volunteers who participated in the Adopt a Road “Waller Road Clean Up” this past Saturday, October, 4, 2014. We will have another clean up during the Spring. It would be greatly appreciated if we could have more volunteers during the Spring and during future Waller Road clean ups. Again, thank you volunteers.

At Waller Road elementary school there is a reading program called the Good Samaritan Readers. They meet every Wednesday from 1st grade 11:45-12:45 and 2nd grade from 12:45-1:45. They pair community volunteers up with a student to work with for 1 hour a week at Waller Road. They are still in need of several tutors at this school. If you, or someone you know, would like to tutor Waller Road students, please contact the person identified below:

Chris Stockslager
Program Coordinator
Good Samaritan Reading Program
Communities In Schools of Puyallup
302 Second St. SE, Puyallup, WA 98372
PH: 253-988-0051

Our SWCA Board meets on the first Tuesday of every Month, 7:00- 9:00 p.m., at the Mid-County Community Center, located on 104th Street behind Central Avenue School. This Tuesday, October 7, 2014, our SWCA Board will hear a presentation from Central Pierce Fire and Rescue. Everyone is invited to attend to learn about issues related to Central Pierce Fire and Rescue.

September 12, 2014 NEWS: Vickery Avenue East between 128th Street East and 112th Street East will be closed Sept. 15-19 while crews rebuild the roadway.
A detour route will be in place, and will direct motorists west along 112th Street East, south along Waller Road East, and east along 128th Street East. Noise levels will be monitored to make sure they are within allowable limits. If severe weather occurs, the closure may be postponed.
“Crews will rehabilitate the roadway base by breaking up the existing concrete, leveling with crushed rock and applying four inches of hot mix asphalt,” said Henry Gertje, P.E., Pierce County Public Works and Utilities construction engineering supervisor. “This work is a unique project of our pavement preservation program because of the existing concrete pavement. The old concrete panels are narrow, eight feet wide, and have developed bumps at the joints. Breaking up the panels in a controlled manner allows us to leave them in place and continue to provide a uniform roadway base for the new asphalt overlay.”
Puget Paving, Inc. is the contractor for this project. The construction work will cost approximately $428,555, and is paid for with Pierce County road funds.
The project is part of Pierce County’s 2014 Asphalt Overlay Program. The county also plans to rehabilitate the concrete panels and resurface Park Avenue South between Lafayette Street South and C Street South as part of this contract, along with 99th Street East between Portland Avenue East and 22nd Avenue East in late September.
These roads will remain open during the work, however traffic delays may be expected with single lane closures during work hours. Alternative routes are suggested.
A project page is available at

During our August 6, 2014 Board meeting, we discussed the following news: The poles to hold up the signal lights at 84th and Waller Road are behind schedule which may delay the entire finished signal project until late September or early October. Within the County’s 6-year road improvement plans another traffic signal will be installed at 128th and Waller Road to replace the current 4-way stop light. The “Farm” at 97th and Waller Road appears to be full production. The Pierce County Council recently passed an ordinance for safety purposes to prohibit the parking of semi trucks / trailers on public right of ways. Pierce County is currently studying water quality within our community’s Clear Creek watershed.

The Evergreen High School located at 72nd and Waller Road would like kids from our community to attend. The School is still accepting applications for the 9th-12th grades. This will be their 36th year as a private high school. Open house is available every Wednesday from 11 am – 4 p.m. No appointment necessary. Call (253) 946-4488

As of July 22, 2014, it has been a relatively uneventful month in the Summit-Waller community. Road improvements are continuing at 84th and Waller Road. There continue to be home burglaries and theft crimes as there are everywhere. Remember, our community’s “Neighborhood Watch Association” (regarding area crime) meets on the first Friday of every Month, 7:00- 8:30 p.m., at the Mid-County Community Center, located on 104th Street behind Central Avenue School. Please see our home page for daily news via the Pierce Prairie Post. You may also report any neighborhood news for publication to

It might be a good time to reflect on our community’s past and future. For a deep history of our community and its people, please visit this web site under “Community History” and enjoy the book and related photographs entitled: “The Heart of Waller Road.” The book is a treasure and an absolute “must read” for every member of our community. During the past century, many people have contributed to our community in one way or another. The Waller Road Grange has been a leader in our community for many decades, but many of its leaders have become elderly. Over the years, even members of your Summit-Waller Community Association Board of Directors have become somewhat elderly. Recently, the average age of your Board of Directors was approximately age sixty. Our Community Association has been blessed, however, to have four (4) young community members join our Board of Directors which appears to have reduced the average age to approximately age 40 something. With younger Board members comes new and exciting ideas. Our newly appointed Board members will help guide our community well into the future.

The Waller Road Elementary School celebrated its 100th anniversary on Saturday, May 31, 2014. Hundreds of people attended, young and old, many with special memories of being a student at Waller Road School. There were quest speakers and student music performances. The original one-room Woodrow School was also open. To learn more about the history of our community and Waller Road School, visit this web site under “Community History” and enjoy the book and related photographs entitled: “The Heart of Waller Road.” The book is a treasure and an absolute “must read” for every member of our community.

During our June 3, 2014 SWCA Board meeting, we were pleased to accept the applications of Ann Poetter and Angela Angove as new board members to the Summit-Waller Community Association. We are confident that our new board members will bring experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to your Community Association. We also encourage you to become a supporting member of our association by submitting the membership application provided in this website.

CRIME: As you are probably aware, a homeowner shot an individual allegedly attempting to burglarize his property on 84th Street in Midland. According to newspaper accounts, the individual was shot while attempting to flee the scene which may put the homeowner in an unfortunate legal position. According to law enforcement officials, deadly force may be legally used only to defend yourself, family, or others from immediate serious bodily harm or death. This may include stopping an intruder from breaking into your home, but not necessarily for attempting to steal property in your backyard.

As you may be aware, our community has citizen patrols in cooperation with the Pierce County Sheriff. There is also talk of expanding our community’s citizen patrol beyond the current 8 volunteers and 4 patrol vehicles. We believe that prevention of area crime is an important issue for our community and every community. Our community’s “Neighborhood Watch Association” (regarding area crime) meets on the first Friday of every Month, 7:00- 8:30 p.m., at the Mid-County Community Center, located on 104th Street behind Central Avenue School. While every community has crime issues, we are one of the few community’s that is doing sometime about the problem. During our recent SWCA annual meeting, one of our Board members presented our citizen patrol leader with a $600 check to help defray patrol costs. In our area, crime is generally related to copper wire theft, home burglaries, and property theft. You are advised to keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to call 911 if you have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. It is also important to talk to your neighbors and work together to remain alert and aware. Go to and insert your zip code to see crime reports in your area.

A special thanks to all our friends and neighbors who participated in the recent Waller Road “Adopt-a-Road” project. John Goodspeed has once again organized a well planned effort to remove litter from our community. The writer of this “community news” would especially like to thank our SWCA President, Larry Volland, for cleaning the road in front of my home. Thanks to everyone who contributed their time and effort.

Our Community’s annual SWCA membership meeting held on May 6, 2014 was a success.  Speakers provided information regarding area crime and our community’s response, including citizen patrols in cooperation with the Pierce County Sheriff.  Go to and insert your zip code to see crime reports in your area.  We are currently working to update this web site to provide you a crime reporting and communication page that will connect to the Sheriff and our community’s citizen patrols. 

A representative from Evergreen Lutheran High School presented their vision for their school.  It looks like a member of the school may be joining our Board of Directors.  The school would like to introduce their students to community service and involvement.  The school is also sponsoring a summer camp for kids interested in volley ball and basketball.  Members of our Board are excited that the school is reaching out to our community with a sincere effort to get involved and provide opportunities for our children.  Remember, the Evergreen High School, located at 72nd and Waller Road, has a “Walk in Wednesday” where people may visit the school on Wednesdays, between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. for a tour and orientation.

During our meeting, a speaker from the Pierce County Council office outlined the current traffic improvements at 84th and Waller Road as well as issues related to area crime and nuisance properties.   It is important for you to keep an eye on vacate and foreclosed properties because they are a magnet for area crime.  Don’t be afraid to call 911 if you have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

We had speakers from the Franklin Pierce School District.  Apparently, Franklin Pierce is currently rated among the top public schools in the State and the Nation in several areas.  Franklin Pierce is also working with our Board to improve and expand the 10 acre “School Farm” located at 96th and Waller Road.  The SWCA worked hard to revive and rehabilitate the “School Farm” and is pleased that it has become so popular that during the summer “growing season” the farm will be open to many area schools and students.  We also had a speaker from the Puyallup School District address the successful levy and plans for the future.

Our web site has received a complaint about noise originating from the current and former gravel pits located near 40th and 48th and Waller Road.  SWCA volunteers believe that the noise may be caused by dump trucks banging their tail gates.  We suspect that truck drivers are repeatedly braking to bang their tail gates in order to loosen mud and wet material which becomes stuck in their dump truck bed.  Much of this noise may be from independent truckers which dump material at the Dickson dump site.  Hopefully, this mud related noise problem will abate when the rains stop.  We are continuing to look into the situation.

Our Community’s Saturday, April 26 work Party for “Parks Appreciation Day” at Orangegate Park was a success. A number of volunteers worked to clear trails, remove litter, and remove invasive Scotch Broom and English Ivy at the 160-acre, county-owned Orangegate Park located generally between 80th and 96th Streets. Please feel free to visit Orangegate Park. The 160 acre park is used mostly for horse back riding, biking, walking, and other passive outdoor activities. If you want to go horseback riding at Orangegate, contact High Point Equestrian Center on 96th Street (341-6506), or Su Dara Riding on Canyon Road (531-1569).

Students from PLU have apparently noticed our “Community Information” signs and have begun a study project which uses our community as the study topic. The students will reportedly prepare a Powerpoint presentation which we hope to soon feature on this web site.

The Pierce County “Summit” library has requested to have a link placed on this web site. We are also working to expand this web site to include important community links to the Mid-County Community Center, Franklin Pierce and Puyallup School Districts, Evergreen High School, and our community’s Neighborhood Crime Watch Groups. Please regularly check this web site for new developments.

We are currently working to update and improve our Twitter account and will soon advise you of its progress.

Again, we are continuing to post our “Community Information” signs. Please tell your neighbors to regularly visit this important web site.  Finally, please feel free to send us your comments, questions, and  “local news” regarding your neighborhood.