Community Crime Awareness and prevention Program

Summit-Waller community data

Community crime prevention and actions cost and analysis by Summit-Waller Community (Neighborhood Watch):

  • Observation and surveillance; 7 active volunteers covering (2×2 miles) 4 square miles
  • Operational fuel costs 2 to 4 vehicles 24/7 @ 1400 to 2800 gal’s annually-$5166.00 (2 vehicles)
  • There are approximately 200 mail boxes with no locking mechanisms-subject to mail theft
  • There is currently 10 vacant residences-4 are problematic crime properties
  • A three month 4 square mile collective crime incidents average is ( ) *1
  • There are ( ) problematic properties that are linked to constant criminal activities in 4-sq miles
  • Volunteer minimum hours for NHW patrol -6844 hours annually. *2 ($$102,656.00 value)
  • Vehicle insurance, maintenance and mileage depreciation –not calculated.
  • Junk vehicles abandoned (duped) beside the road per month ( )
  • Road side land fill rated refuse dumped along the road side ( dumping’s)
  • Nuisance properties are linked to criminal activities-One in particular since 2006. (8 years)
  • PC Agencies regularly contacted; PC Sheriffs , Pierce County Responds, PC health Department, PC Council
  • Nuisance properties sponsor a major portion of the SWCA criminal activities.

Funding budget for Pierce County nuisance properties actions:

It is reported that Pierce County Responds has a limited budget. Some funding may be taken away this August for nuisance property actions.

There are actions being prepared for one of the communities top nuisance properties. This action may be short circuited this August because of budget decreases. PC agency actions are a slow methodical process, Therefore August will not result in resolutions for the top nuisance property. The property will again, for the second time, be allowed continual activities as usual, at high community costs, 8 years and counting.

PC Agencies often state that our rural nature and our population density create problems for efficient law enforcement patrolling due to limited law enforcement field staff. We understand that the Sheriff’s Department has limitations considering the square mileage county wide that they are required to patrol.

Recognizing the limitations of in field patrol by the Sheriff’s Department, leads us to believe the PC Council should increase assistance to our community through other PC agencies. This can be accomplished by prioritizing some of the actions that can be taken by Pierce County Responds, The Health Department, and the Code Enforcement division. Recent new ordinance have been approved that fit our community needs relating to nuisance properties.